2 Cambridge Rd #200
Brookhaven, PA 19015

Non-Emergency Number: 610-876-6142
Emergency Number: 911


The Borough of Brookhaven was incorporated in April 1945. Prior to incorporation, the Borough had a constable for 38 years by the name of Robert Platt, and the Pennsylvania State Police provided police services to the Borough.  The Brookhaven Police Department was founded in the 1950’s by a group of Fire Police Officers.  When the department began, the officers patrolled in their own vehicles and did not have radio communication.  If the police had a call, the Delaware County Radio room dispatcher would leave a telephone message at the officer’s residence and their wives would leave the porch light on.  So, the officers would frequently pass their residence to see if a call was pending service. The first official police car for the Brookhaven Police Department was a 1959 Studebaker.

Chief Matt Kurten became the 7th Brookhaven Police Chief in June 2019. He was preceded chronologically in the following order:

1st Chief – Walter Conley
2nd Chief – Gerald Newcomb
3rd Chief – Harry Herrick
4th Chief – Clarence Kennedy
5th Chief – John Eller
6th Chief – Randolph McGoldrick
7th Chief – Matt Kurten

Current Department

Our current police department is comprised of eight (8) full-time officers, including the Chief of Police and one Detective, and eight (8) part-time officers. Our police department serviced a total of 7,556 calls for service or incidents in 2019. We provide professional police services for approximately 8,500 residents and 150 businesses. We are a vibrant, growing community with a solid economic base. We also have multiple excellent schools, teachers and students alike. Our constant interaction with the future leaders of tomorrow is our pleasure and responsibility.

Our department currently has seven (7) marked patrol vehicles and two (2) unmarked police vehicles. We are always striving to become and remain technologically advanced in our crime prevention and solution efforts. In an effort to be the most professional police department possible, training and continued education are always sough, positively reinforced and necessary.

Brookhaven Police Department

2 Cambridge Rd #200
Brookhaven, PA 19015

Office Hours Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

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